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Re: "Apple Care Protection Plan": Is it worth its money?

Not my own machine, but a machine at work lost the whole logic board out of
nowhere, about 2 years after getting it (dual 450). It would be been
expensive to fix without applecare...


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Subject: "Apple Care Protection Plan": Is it worth its money?

> Hi all,
> Sorry if you feel the following is Off-Topic for this list:
> I'm considering to buy "Apple Care Protection Plan" for a Titanium IV,
> which extends global repair coverage up to 3 years.
> But I'm in doubt: According to Apple, and if I understand correctly,
> accidents with the machine are not covered by this "Protection Plan" ...
> So I simply don't know whether it makes sense to buy this "Plan" at all.
> Did someone out there buy this "Apple Care Protection Plan", and what
> experiences did you have with Apple once something broke on the machine:
> Did it help to have the " Protection Plan", or is it more or less a
> waste of money to buy it?
> Thanks in anticipation.
> Best Regards,
> Wolfgang
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