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Mapping F12 for "eject" function

I bought an ergonomic keyboard from Kinesis because of prob's I was having w my wrists. Solved the prob instantaneously-->love< this keyboard!

The main prob w the keyboard is that F12--clearly legended on the key with the "eject" symbol--will not eject a loaded cd. As I understand it, I have internally config'd the keyboard to the Dvorak layout--however, the OS (either Debian or YDL) sees it as standard "pc104" layout. That config works great for all other uses, but F12 will not eject.

I wrote Kinesis about the prob; but they weren't very helpful, not knowing much about Linux. Does anyone have any ideas about re-mapping the F12 key so that it will open the cd tray? There were times during a recent Debian install when the "eject" command was not available; and it was a major p.i.t.a dealing w the prob w/out some external way to eject. Is there some other key combo that is standard in Linux for opening the cd tray from the keyboard?

Many thanks.    --Harvey

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