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Re: "Apple Care Protection Plan": Is it worth its money?


First of all, this is very very much off topic for this list. There are more appropriate places to ask such questions.

Having said that, AppleCare is completely worth it. If you ever have a motherboard failure or an LCD screen burn out or otherwise die - either one of those repairs is between 1000-2000 USD. Paying two or three hundred USD for that kind of insurance is worth it. Especially for a laptop.

- justin

On Dec 2, 2003, at 8:50 AM, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:

Hi all,

Sorry if you feel the following is Off-Topic for this list:

I'm considering to buy "Apple Care Protection Plan" for a Titanium IV,
which extends global repair coverage up to 3 years.

But I'm in doubt: According to Apple, and if I understand correctly,
accidents with the machine are not covered by this "Protection Plan" ...

So I simply don't know whether it makes sense to buy this "Plan" at all.

Did someone out there buy this "Apple Care Protection Plan", and what
experiences did you have with Apple once something broke on the machine:
Did it help to have the " Protection Plan", or is it more or less a
waste of money to buy it?

Thanks in anticipation.

Best Regards,

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