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Re: Disappearance of experimental packages in dselect

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 04:52, Barry Hawkins wrote: 
> 	The problem is that the xserver and xfree86 packages for are 
> no longer appearing in dselect.  An initial install as I was learning 
> to use dselect ended up with mostly packages but some 4.2.1 
> packages, so I purged all of the x-related packages.  Afterward, only a 
> couple of library packages like libmesa and another one from the 
> packages in experimental are showing up.  Any idea what I might 
> be doing wrong?

You're using dselect. :) Seriously though, if

apt-cache policy xserver-xfree86

shows the experimental version, I recommend trying an APT frontend like

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