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Re: debian on ibook g4??

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, fabrizio messina wrote:

> some people  just installed debian gnu linux on ibook g4?

Yes :-)  My Xserver even works now thanks to Colin Leroy giving me
his XF86Config with that all-important modeline in it.

Only problems that I still have involve gnome and friends, and not
being able to get from X to a VT.  But that is no doubt an artefact
of his having a French keyboard and my having a UK one.  I'll try to
write an exact summary of everything I did soon (but am ill at the
moment so my brain is rather on vacation).

> the question is: do you think  this machine will work faster with
> linux?  :-)

Faster, hrmmm, difficult question.  Depends what you mean by "faster"
I rather suspect.  I'm using Debian a) because I'm a die-hard Debianite
and b) because, much as people tried to persuade me otherwise, OS X
irritated the hell out of me within hours.  I've tried to use it actually
to do stuff over the past few days (frex LaTeX stuff) and it _really_
irritated me.  Running twm with a few vagaries on Debian is an order of
magnitude improvement IM(A)O.

Things like gnome/kde don't exactly run with great speed; but neither
does OS X when one has to grobble around through system prefs trying
to switch from static IP (work) to DHCP (home).

As I said, it depends what you're wanting to do with your machine!


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