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Re: Yet another G4 iBook newbie

On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 04:01:51PM +0000, Diana Galletly wrote:
> Since applying the patch I have nasty flickering in console
> mode which I didn't have before.  X (as before) fails to
This is because you're using radenfb and not of anymore. The flickering
goes away once X started up.

> All in all I'm feeling pretty despondent -- I've been trying
> to get this beastie installed for a week now (not the best
> week to pick, I admit!) and I feel like I'm getting nowhere
> fast, so all help gratefully received ...
As a workaround I've put an Xserver that is known to work on the G4
ibook at:
it's built against testing though, so you need at least libfreetype6 and
libc6 from testing.  Copy it to /usr/local/bin and adjust the /etc/X11/X
symlink. I have a patch for the debian X packages here but need a chance
to test it on Matthias's machine...
 -- Guido

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