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Re: current mozilla or phoenix debs for PPC?

Chris Tillman wrote:

Well, it's true we owe our elders respect (as I give a quick glance

towards my Mac IIci). But, OTOH, I think the current philosophy of
all-or-none may be a little too inflexible. Especially as m68k users
get fewer and fewer, and developers appear to be an endangered
species. We need a plan for quiet, benign senility where some
architectures are concerned. This does not involve leaving them out in
the cold to die, just restricting them to given (working) versions
and letting the rest go on.

Sorry for continuing the crosspost,

I just recently accidently compiling Mozilla 1.5 for m68k, was aiming for Firebird but didn't read the directions ;) . It works just fine, too, though is basically unuseable. But, it runs and works. It took two days to compile ;)

It should be fully compilable from source on PPC too, I'd reckon.

Scott Holder

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