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Re: Linux on new powerbooks

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 19:53:26 -0500
"B. Bogart" <ben@ekran.org> wrote:

> Has anyone got linux going on one of these machines?


> The features I need are:
> firewire support (for video stuff, including dv1395 modules etc..)
> accelerated 3D on the radeon 9600

Don't know.

> Features that I would like:
> airport extreme support
> dual-monitor support for the radeon 9600

Don't know.

But I have XFree running fine on my PowerBookG4 1.25Ghz. As soon as
people.d.o is up, I'll upload kernel-image and headers (from benh), and
xfree86-4.3.99 with two patches from Eric Deveaud. Many thanks and
respects to them! ;)

Best regards,

  .''`. Arnaud Vandyck
 : :' : http://people.debian.org/~avdyk/
 `. `'  

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