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Re: debianppc list and sven virus

I am sayng just the same that you, but nobody hearme.

If the problem is here, please solve it, 
Use antivir, Format your Harddisk or better begin to use linux really.

My desperate solution was:
I am using a POP account for lists
Kmail filters on lists pickup mail from list to a selected folder
I delete Everything in inbox
But please the problem is in Debian lists  if you have it (the PC or PPC 
infected owner ) please solve it

On Friday 21 November 2003 12:20, Mick Weiss wrote:
> I think that sombody's box on the debianppc mailing list has the Sven
> virus. After subscribing, I get 100+ e-mails that say that they are from
> Microsoft.
> I talked to some people at the local linux user group and thats what they
> told me.
> Anyone else have this problem?
> If this is indeed the case, and someone happens to be running windows ---
> please use an anti-virus :o) pleeeeeez Any more mail and I will cringe.
> thanks,
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