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Re: X on tibook 15" 1.25Ghz [was: Re: [ppc-new_tibook-15"] install report 2003-11-05]


Arnaud Vandyck a écrit:
[original discussion was on debian-boot but it's a bit different]

If this is a new aluminium PowerBook, the folks on #debianppc informed
me that I had to run 2.6 in order for X to work at all. Using benh's 2.6
tree things seem to be working well.

The latest ? I've already tested a 2.6.0-test9 (with radeonfb), and it doesn't work...bad XF86Config...?

Where can I find the benh's 2.6 tree?

I have a 2.6.0-test9 running here from kernel-source package in sid (or
experimental?) but X (from experimental) is not working.

I put log and conffiles here:

Thank you.

I'seen you have two "Device" sections ? Why ? one for every video output  ?

Thanks for any hints and help to get X on my laptop.

You're not alone :-)

Note: I did not usr cpufreq at the moment (but will do), but I did
      compile the blink light when hard disk usage! ;) funny!

I think me too, but I didn't really take care of this. I've not tested 2.6.x intensively for now.

OK, rebooting...


BTW : I have bluetooth inside, and it seems to work (modules rfcom l2cap bluez...) What can I do with this ? Can I already use it, or must I buy a blue-gadget ?

NON AUX BREVETS SUR LES LOGICIELS. Voir http://swpat.ffii.org/

eric b

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