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Re: DRI module loading trouble on PPC, xfree86, debian/unstable

Percy Zahl wrote:
I'm experiencing for a while the following problem with the
xserver-xfree86 4.2.1-13 (Debian:unstable)
package (DRI module) using the ATI/r128 drivers on my old PowerBook

Actually those messages you cited have _nothing_ to do with DRI. That's int10 stuff, which is used for softbooting cards on x86 systems. It really doesn't do anything on PowerPC, so those symbols not resolving is not an issue. There must be other messages. Look for the line of your XFree86.0.log that says 'Direct rendering enabled' or 'Direct rendering disabled'. If it says 'Direct rendering enabled', then the problem is something in the client side, and you should see what 'glxinfo' says.

and thus I do not have the DRI working and no 3d accel:-(

See above. Those messages aren't relevant.

Derrik Pates

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