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Re: Power Management for PowerBook 17

> Hmmm I don't know if it's the same, but my imac 15" flat panel with a
> Nvidia GeForce2 MX can sleep in linux and comebacks without problems...
> Why should be different the NVidia "albooks"?

I don't think any iMac flat panel can sleep in Linux no, you
probably just have the display going to DPMS and maybe the
hard disk stopping, but not the machine deep sleep with CPU
off, front light glowing etc... At least I never implemented it
for these :)

Regarding notebooks, it'm fairly sure that the PMU will shut down
the graphics chip on these during sleep, which means it needs to be
rebooted from scratch, which isn't possible to do without either help
from nvidia or lots of reverse engineering that I don't have time to
do, especially since I don't have the HW.


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