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Re: Powerbook G4 17"

Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
Detailed version:
After getting the machine I was playing for 3 or 4 months with Mac OS
X (10.2.*) only and in the end was a bit fed up by various issues on
that OS: IIRC I never got the XFree virtual desktop working on it (I
think it was because fink had problems downloading the XFree stuff; or
I made a mistake when trying that: Not being sure on that ...);

I never installed the Fink version, but I have installed two others:

I had problems getting bash working as smoothly as I wanted it: at
this time tcsh was the default shell on OS X, which I neither wanted,
nor did I like it at all. But IIRC Panther has bash now as the default
shell ...

NetInfo allows you to set the default shell to bash. I did that as soon as I could. Some earlier versions of OS X did not have bash, so you would need to get it from Fink.

I *never* found out the keys on OS X to scroll down to the end of a
page in bash with one single key stroke:  I had to do this
consecutively, page after page; which can be quite frustrating if one
does that in 'man bash' for example ... :)

You mean in the terminal?  End does it.

Other pages:

Nice selection of links!


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