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Re: kernel 2.6.0-test8 console

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 06:20, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > Straight kernel.org or -benh ??
> Straight kernel.org kernel :-)

Big mistake. Use Ben's tree.

Where is Ben's tree found.. I tried using rsync and reading over 5500 emails with 2.6.0 kernel and could not find any location.

Also.. some heads up on my kernel complie.

I have spent days trying to complie a working kernel.  Subsequently my 3rd complie has been the best so far.  I  am having some of the same issues with the console as everyone else is having.  I booted up in text console and that seamed to work just fine for the moment.  X worked well when I started using startx. 

I am running one of the orrig G4 with an upgrade processor to 800 mHz.
Video at the moment is using r128 on a 22" flat panel display.  Would like to use my nVidia card.

I will continue to figure some things out and if I do I  will def will pass on anything. 

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