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Re: kernel 2.6.0-test8 console

> I've upgraded to sarge, and I've compiled 2.6.0-test8, and when I reboot, I've

Straight kernel.org or -benh ??

> got no usable console. X works okay, but the console is useless, being
> totally black, or some rather interesting combination of black and white
> stripes. I've got a Beige G3 266 that I boot w/ BootX, and a voodoo3 card.
> What do I need to configure in the configuration to make my console work,
> too?

The tdfx driver would be for Voodoo3. Since you seem to get screen output,
the driver should be compiled in and used, it's just broken. To verify
this, look into /var/log/dmesg (and please compare the tdfx output with a
2.4 kernel log to see if the 2.6 driver misdetects something). Then,
compare the 2.4 and 2.6 versions of tdfxfb.c. Try to set fb_fillrect,
fb_copyarea and fb_imageblit (in tdfxfb_ops) to NULL to use generic,
unaccelerated screen writes. Does this improve console output?

You can try video=ofonly (you knew that, right?) to see if that 'fixes'
the console.


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