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Re: software download


On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 02:01:04AM +0200, SpawnPPC wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm Emanuele, from Italy.
> Where I can found and download with apt-get this software for DebianPPC 
> unstable distribution?
> - Wine
> - WineX
-> Wine oder WineX do not work on PPC because they are depending on
   Intel X86 (didn´t you already ask this some days ago?)
   If you want wine you have to emulate x86 first then run wine.

> - Opera
-> look at www.opera.com, if you send your os and architecture with you
   browser identification string you should get an opera 7.2.1 deb for
   Powerpc when pressing download button...
   but feel free to try epiphany, galeon, firebird or mozilla, because
   they are apt-getable ...



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