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Re: cpudyn usage

On 18/10/2003 at 20:00, Lucas Moulin wrote:

> I've recently discovered a tool called cpudyn [1]. I'm using pmud for
> the time being, and wanted if it was OK to use both, or what are the
> advantages (if anyone's already using it).

IIRC, cpudyn and pmud are different tools for different purposes. cpudyn
switches cpu speed as needed between "powersave" and "performance" using
cpu frequency scaling feature of new kernels. It also spins down disks
when not in use.

AFAICT, pmud does not do this, it does other things. Please, someone
correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm using it in my iBook (along with pmud and pbbuttons) and in an IBM
Thinkpad without any problem at all.  I also use it in 2 desktops
without cpu frequency scaling (just to keep a second disk in standby
because I almost don't use it).


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