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Re: share partition between macosx and debian

I have a friend who did it but he had to make a FAT partition to share a
partition because linux  does not write on usf.  Is this statement still
true? Can macosx r/o on ext2-3?

MacOS can't read ext2/ext3. But Linux can read USF
UFS, I assume. Linux can read it, see /usr/src/linux/Documentation/filesystems/ufs.txt

You can even install OS X on UFS, yet I don't know if it is the plain UFS from FreeBSD which Linux can read/write or something Apple modified and/or screwed up somewhat.

Also MOL can't boot an OS X that is on a UFS partiion.

and read/write to HFS+
(YOU SHOULDN'T!), but you can if you want :)

Well, the new HFS+ patch from <http://www.ardistech.com/hfsplus/> seems to work real good also for write operations. It's in the benh tree by now so no need for manual patching.


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