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Re: PINE for ppc?

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Adam Bell wrote:
> So, I'm in the process of building a new main server using Debian-ppc, 
> but I ran into an unexpected snafu.  Due to the other people who use 
> the box and their nostalgia / preferences PINE is a make-or-break 
> package for me.  I need it.  I also have no desire at all to recompile 
> it.
> So I was going to enter RPM hell and use alien and all, but then I 
> thought that a lot of people might have already done this and I should 
> check in with you folks.  Anyone have a .deb already built (or even 
> just a tarball of the binaries, since they're pretty self-contained) 
> that I could have?

Due to licensing issues, Pine is included in Debian in _source form_ only. So
you can do:

| apt-get source pine
| cd pine-4.58
| debuild
| dpkg -i ../pine*deb



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