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Re: [PATCH] Right-click modifier

On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 07:18, Colin Leroy wrote:
> It lets the kernel report a right-click when KEY+Left click are pressed,
> where KEY is the KEY specified by echoing its code to the /proc entry.

It'd be even cooler if this was extended to have an option for middle
click as well :)

I'll attempt to backport to 2.4 soon (maybe in 3 weeks, after my thesis
is due :)

> ie, "echo 29 > /proc/sys/dev/mac_hid/rclick_key_modifier" and you'll have
> Ctrl-click = right click.

call me mentally challenged, but how does one determine what the
keycodes are to do these things? i.e. how do we find the ctrl->29

Stewart Smith (stewart@linux.org.au)
Vice President, Linux Australia

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