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Re: share partition between macosx and debian


Arnaud Vandyck writes:

> I have a friend who did it but he had to make a FAT partition to
> share a partition because linux does not write on usf.  Is this
> statement still true?

FAT is still your best bet when it comes to sharing a file system.  In
principle, Linux can write HFS and HFS+, but HFS has always been buggy
and HFS+ is still moving too fast to be trusted with important data
IMHO.  Anyway, you may not want to share a partition at all, but run
Mac OS X inside the virtual machine Mac-on-Linux and share files via
the network.

Which reminds me that the mol Debian packages are really old and buggy
right now.  My bad.

> Can macosx r/o on ext2-3?

There's an ext2 driver for Mac OS X out there.  It crashed my machine
and ate the file system once, so I decided I would definitely not
abandon XFS for it.

Regards, Jens.

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