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Re: Blank screen with latest Ben's 2.6 tree

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 14:51, Mathieu Segaud wrote:
> I compiled the latest linux-2.5-benh tree and installed it on my
> ibook2.
> I experienced some problems:
> at boot, the DFP goes randomly blank (sometimes I can boot sometimes I
> cannot) and 2.4.22-ben2 boots fine.
> It seems unpredicatable when I (rather radeonfb) will succeed in
> initializing the DFP.
> (just an hint: I NEVER succeeded in getting the backlight after a
> reboot from a 2.6, always needed to reboot from a 2.4... quite weird)

Are both CONFIG_PPC_OF and CONFIG_FB_RADEON_I2C enabled in your .config? I
got bitten by the fact that the latter can only be enabled if CONFIG_I2C=y,
but then I never had exactly the same problems you have.

> Oh...I forgot sound has a weird behaviour: whatever sound module I
> use, (snd-powermac, or dmasound_pmac), whenever the module is
> unloaded, the sound chip is "dead", and no device can be found by both
> modules.

I don't think it has anything to do with the sound chip but rather with

Oct 11 03:58:40 thor kernel: dmasound: can't request IO resource !


Oct 11 02:50:27 thor kernel: ALSA sound/ppc/pmac.c:1092: pmac: can't
request resource 0!

(seems to be related to OF)

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