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Blank screen with latest Ben's 2.6 tree

I compiled the latest linux-2.5-benh tree and installed it on my
I experienced some problems:
at boot, the DFP goes randomly blank (sometimes I can boot sometimes I
cannot) and 2.4.22-ben2 boots fine.
It seems unpredicatable when I (rather radeonfb) will succeed in
initializing the DFP.
(just an hint: I NEVER succeeded in getting the backlight after a
reboot from a 2.6, always needed to reboot from a 2.4... quite weird)

Oh...I forgot sound has a weird behaviour: whatever sound module I
use, (snd-powermac, or dmasound_pmac), whenever the module is
unloaded, the sound chip is "dead", and no device can be found by both

Mathieu Segaud

ps: I tried to let my ibook boot with a blank screen and reboot to get
the kern.log messages but nothing appears on the log when the screen
goes nuts. I will try to boot it and log onto it remotely (Vincent,
tu es là ou tu es au labo ?)

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