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Re: change internal hd

Le jeu 09/10/2003 à 18:21, Jens Schmalzing a écrit :

> Here you go, please ask if you want more detail on any of the steps.
> Put new drive in enclosure
> Plug enclosure into computer
> Partition new drive, make filesystems, transfer files
> Unplug enclosure from computer
> Shutdown computer
> Remove new drive from enclosure
> Remove old drive from computer
> Put new drive in computer
> Put old drive in enclosure
> Boot computer

Thks! My question is: how to transfer kernel and boot things, and hfs
partitions onto the new disk ?
simply dd ? or reinstall with netinstall ?

Jean-Christophe Michel <jc.michel@symetrie.com>
Jean-Christophe Michel <jc.michel@symetrie.com>

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