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Re: CPU and Memory usage of XFree86

Michel Dänzer wrote:
> FWIW, top uses about 0.3% here (the 2.6 kernel might help there),
> gnome-terminal and the X server less than 1% together.

Okay, another datapoint...  PowerBook3,2 500MHz, 2.4.20-ben10,
30 processes, no load.  top -d1 takes 2.9% cpu, top -d0.5 takes

Starting X...  37 processes, top -d1 takes 1.2% cpu, xterm takes 0.4%,
XFree86 takes 3.9%.  top -d0.5: top takes 2.3%, xterm takes 0.5%,
XFree86 takes 7.4%.

This system is not the newest, and my X runs in framebuffer mode.
Btw, the reason that top itself on the console takes more time than in the
xterm, is that on the console, all the fb console output time is calculated
towards the top process.

> I guess the bottom line is that the X server obviously does need some
> CPU cycles to do its work. :) Unless it's constantly hogging the CPU,
> that's normal and shouldn't have a significant impact on overall system
> performance. The kernel scheduler and VM are much more likely to matter
> there.

Certainly.  Just be aware that tools like top will very measurably affect
the data that they themselves are collecting.  I prefer using vmstat for
this reason (and it gives you more and more useful data, anyway).


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