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Re: Gnome-panel unresponsive and taking over the processor

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 03:27, Benjamin Sadaba wrote:
> First of all... I'm running unstable, so I know if you play with fire
> you get burnt ;)
> But... I updated gnome to the last available 2-3 days ago, and ever
> since I can't use it.
> Everything starts up fine, but the process gnome-panel starts sucking
> the processor until the desktop becomes unresponsive.
> I have to kill X with ctrl+opt+delete and the manually kill gnome-panel
> Any ideas of why it might be behaving like this?

fam is the cause probably. Downgrade it to the version in testing,
remove it or use a fixed version which was posted to the
debian-gtk-gnome list (IIRC) recently.

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