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Re: <Kein Betreff> Partitioning

Hey Thomas,

The commands you would use depend on what partitioning program you have. If you are using fdisk try typing '?' to get a list of commands.

Happy Hacking

On Sunday, October 5, 2003, at 04:00  AM, Max Power wrote:

Hello debian-user! 1st, sorry for my bad english! I want to put debian woody 3.0 on my Apple iMac 500MHZ CD-RW. My problem ist to partition the harddisk. I don´t know all of the commands like "b" for Apple_Bootstrap or "i" for
erase and "p" to show the table. So I want to know all of the necesary
commands, that i can install Mac-OS 9.2 and debian woody 3.0 PPC on my PPC.

What is the command to create the Root-Partition / Swap-Partition /

Thank you very much, yours sincerely
Thomas Reckeweg

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