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console scancodes for mac-de keyboard

hey folks,

trying to customize my german keyboard to work the way I want it
to. Mostly I want to switch the y and z keys so I can touchtype.  I
found that the mac family of keymaps doesn't work for me at all --
maybe they're for a different generation of keyboards -- but the i386
maps work pretty well.  So now I'm using the de-latin1 keymap with the
z and y keys switched around.  So that's fine.  BUt I can't figure out
how to define the apple keys as "mode-switch" keys, so I can access
the 3rd and 4th keycodes in the keymap table.  So for instance, rightn
ow I can't type "@" or "|" from the console.

Looking around at the keymaps, I figure I need a key like

keycode 100 = AltGr or something.


1) -- not sure whether I need AltGr or some other value in that statement
2) -- I can't figure out how to identify the scancode of these keys.  
Is there a trick to doing that?

also...  I would love to synchronize the keyboards in X and the
console, instead of having to customize them both separately.  Is
there a way to do this?

thanks as usual,


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