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Re: Spam alert

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Zach Archer wrote:

> At 8:12 PM -0700 10/1/03, Robert Persson wrote:
> >I have also just subscribed and I am wondering about these emails.
> >I am subscribed to a number of lists so I don't know which one these
> >come from.  Are the Debian lists particularly prone to this sort of
> >stuff, or have we just been unlucky?
> I couldn't tell you... This is the only debian list I'm subscribed
> to, and this is the only time I've shared my dslnorthwest addy with
> any new people in weeks, so... >it's coming from someone on this list<

It seems, other lists have the same problem:

I helped me like so:

fetchmail -v 50000
retrieves only mails with a size of up to 50 kb each, if I'm not
mistaken ... :)

Checking with
what is left on the server(s), read the size of these messages, their
headers and the beginning of their body (if available) on the server,
without any need of downloading them before ...
This (as it seems) nifty little tool even gives you the option to
delete the mails you don't want to download, right on the server.

I installed pop3browser an hour ago, and so far: I love it :)

I read popcheck is similar to pop3browser.

apt-cache show pop3browser popcheck

Enjoy Debian :)

Best Regards,
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