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Re: linux-2.4.22-ben2-stew1-xfs available

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 04:37:50AM +1000, Stewart Smith wrote:
> Okay, I admit that the -stew1 part is pure vanity - but hey, that's what
> EXTRAVERSION is for, right?
> [snip... patch notes]
> http://www.flamingspork.com/linux/kernel/stew-patches/patch-2.4.22-ben2-stew1-xfs.bz2

I just tried to patch a clean extracted 2.4.22 vanilla tarball but ran into problems.
The patch creates a include/asm/ directory.. but make wants include/asm to be
a symlink to include/asm-<arch>. So I let the patch go ahead, did a
'diff -Naur include/asm include/asm-ppc' and there is no difference.
So I guess it is superfluous in the patch?
After solving this (rm -rf asm; ln -s asm-ppc asm), I could build and boot
it just fine on my TiBook IV, thanks Stewart!

BTW, just wondering but would it be possible to adapt the kernel that one
can enable/disable the "HDD Blink led on activity" via sysctl
(/proc/sys/something). I very much like the very but it's annoyingly
bright when watching a movie or something dark.
(The glowing LED when Powerbook is suspended seems to consist of a routine
varying the brightness level, maybe it could also be solved by making it
blink les bright by default).


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