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linux-2.4.22-ben2-stew1-xfs available

Okay, I admit that the -stew1 part is pure vanity - but hey, that's what
EXTRAVERSION is for, right?

A patch against stock 2.4.22 which gives you:
- benh fixes and features
- a fix for that annoying message on console when changing brightness
(brightness down seems to generate a newline for me still, but it's
better than annoying text)
- XFS file system from SGI.

I have .debs if people are interested, can upload.


Other useful things to note:
- Firewire now works for me, I've even burnt a BeOS CD!
- A newer version of the HFS+ driver is out, head on over to
to grab a copy. See Roman's recent LKML post for details.

as always, feedback welcome.

enjoy :)

Stewart Smith (stewart@linux.org.au)
Vice President, Linux Australia

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