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Re: [PATCH] : fix dmasound_awacs record down sampling

On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 07:58:31PM +1000, J. Javier Maestro wrote:
> Just a quick silly question...
> This patch is for the OSS kernel driver, and not for ALSA, isn't it?
That is correct.

> How
> hard/time consuming would it be to port it to the ALSA tree?

I don't even know if ALSA has the same problem, they might already do
down sampling.  All the routines in trans_16.c are pretty well self
contained assuming you are recording natively in 16 bit signed big
endian.  A quick peek at the alsa source tells me that it
wouldn't be trivial to add this to ALSA if it isn't already there.


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