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Re: vpn for net/apple-talk

Jean-Christophe Michel <jc.michel@symetrie.com> wrote:
> Tkhs to your help, netatalk in testing is well working here.
> Now i'd like to access the netatalk server from outside the network;
> i plan to use the firewall (shorewall) to redirect a port to appletalk;
> are there some traps to avoid doing this ?

Yes. Appletalk does not use IP (it uses DDP), so 'redirecting a port'
will not do that job.

For file services you can use AppleShare/IP, which is supported by
netatalk (and uses TCP-Sockets to port 548).

Printing using AppleTalk shouldn't be possible via the Internet.
If you want to do that, you have to tunnel DDP or to bridge the
networks together.

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