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kernel-patch-2.4.22-powerpc and multiple subarches.


I am lmost ready to generate kernel-image packages for the various
different subarches, but i have still a few questions which needs to be

  1) Well, doing this without changes to make-kpkg would mean have as
  many copies of the modules as there is kernel-image packages. Since
  each of them take around 8-10Mo, this would mean lot of bloat. Is this
  ok, or should i make a modules-image package and have the
  kernel-images depend on it. (this is more of a question to the about
  to be created debian-linux-kernel list or something, i think).

  2) i have tried building a ibmchrp package, and it fails in highmem.c.
  That has made me ask question about the config files. Is it ok to
  build all 5 subarches (old-pmac, new-pmac, prep, chrp & chrp-rs6k)
  from the same set of config files, or will we need something
  particular for some of the non-pmac ? As i am not that familiar with
  the rs6k hardware, i would like to know opinion of people knowing
  about them.

So, if we go ahead with this, we will again support all of the powerpc
subarches, and not only the powermacs as it is done currently. Still
apus would use its own kernel (which does not build udebs, Michel could
you look into it if we want to have debian-installer support for apus),
and mbx, altough i am not sure we support this one.


Sven Luther

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