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Re: bug 207725 (console-common) still breaks console keymap

On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 02:49, Andreas Wüst wrote:
> I did a long deferred update (due to heavy lack of time), which also
> updated console-common to version 0.7.26, and after reboot, the console
> keymap was messed up (feels like some us keymap or something similar).
> During update, console-common mentioned something about "keymap to
> install: NONE" or similar.
> Ok, no problem I thought, and dpkg-reconfigured console-data
> (interestingly enough, console-data is still from woody), [...]

So you seem to be running a stable/sid hybrid? Have you ever considered
adding testing to the mix? :)

> 2) There escpecially is the problem that I don't know which to take for
> the internal keyboard of a TiBook I: usb oder normal/standard (how was
> it called?)? (Looking at dmesg output, the kernel seems to detect the
> keyboard as an adb one, hmm, I still didn't comprehend the
> linux-keycodes mess..)

The 'USB' in 'Apple USB' is misleading, the point is 'Apple'.

> 3) Should I request to reopen bug 207725

You can reopen it yourself if it isn't fixed, but I'd at least follow up
to the bug with the information you have.

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