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bug 207725 (console-common) still breaks console keymap


I did a long deferred update (due to heavy lack of time), which also
updated console-common to version 0.7.26, and after reboot, the console
keymap was messed up (feels like some us keymap or something similar).

During update, console-common mentioned something about "keymap to
install: NONE" or similar.

Ok, no problem I thought, and dpkg-reconfigured console-data
(interestingly enough, console-data is still from woody), chose the
kernel keymap, but hey, it just told me "Warning: cannot access console;
deferring until console is accessible." Ok, it didn't help, so I
dpkg-reconfigured, but this time chose a specific keymap from the list.
But, still no luck.

A quick look at the bts revealed that this is bug 207725, but should be
fixed in version 0.7.26 (the one I've got). So it definitely doesn't
seem to be fixed yet.

Now my questions:

1) I want to dpkg an older version from apt's package cache, but, since
I heavily fiddled with the keymap config via the dpkg-reconfigure, I
think the situation could go even worse.

So, what should I do after having dpkg'ed the old version? Should I
choose the kernel keymap (the boottime.kmap.gz in /etc/console has an
older date, so I think it didn't got affected), or should I choose a
keymap from the list?

2) There escpecially is the problem that I don't know which to take for
the internal keyboard of a TiBook I: usb oder normal/standard (how was
it called?)? (Looking at dmesg output, the kernel seems to detect the
keyboard as an adb one, hmm, I still didn't comprehend the
linux-keycodes mess..)

3) Should I request to reopen bug 207725

I would appreciate it a lot, if someone could give me a hint! Thank you
very much!

Best wishes,

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