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Re: "Setting Up General Console Font" DebianPPC error lockup

Thomas Otto wrote:

We haven't got a boot selector yet.  The environment can point to
exactly one partition for booting, and if I've read it right it will
load the first file on that - it has to be a PReP partition, and since
it doesn't have a filesystem I guess there's only ever one file.
Alternatively, you override it to boot from a different PReP disk
partition, or a CD.  It's fun, it just takes a bit of getting used to.

Wonder why they didn't use openfirmware like most PPCs - backwards compatibility to older AmigaOS - or is this firmware not as "open as in speech"?

It's UBoot, actually. There is actually the first stage of a rather neat bootloader in there, but the second stage (to be put in the RDB partition table) is not yet complete. Until then you need to select the right partition and set the boot arguments in the UBoot environment variables.

What Ken Moffat failed to say is that if you enter the AmigaOne-specific menu (type menu from the UBoot prompt), you'll get a rather better way of editing the bootargs variable.

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