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Re: "Setting Up General Console Font" DebianPPC error lockup

Or, wait to see if somebody else here has an easier way.

I would say you just boot your current system with the parameter
'init=/bin/bash', then do an fsck of the root fs, remount the root
parition read-write and try to fix it.

 Now that sounds a _lot_ easier : you'll need to repeat *all* of the
bootargs when you run `setenv', then do not run savenv, go straight to

Thanks for the clarification, Thomas.

Erm - did I miss the <irony/sarcasm> tag here ;-) ?

Are you using and oldworld mac who uses a more complicated boot mechanism like bootx? With my newworld G3 I just choose 'l' for linux at the primary yaboot bootprompt and then enter "Linux init=/bin/bash" at the secondary promt (which is a bit tricky to to a non-US keyboard layout). Then I get a bash promt without touching any initscript. To boot, i just to 'exec /sbin/init'....


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