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pbbuttonsd guilty [was: what' up with pmud?]

I found the culprit.
pbbuttonsd was running with the option replace_pmud=yes (in
/etc/pbbuttonsd.conf) and if I understand correctly was doing pmud job
but not correctly. 
I fill a bug report against pbbuttonsd.


On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 09:57:56AM -0400, christophe barbe wrote:
> I realize that I was not very clear.
> First I should have mentioned the hardware, it's a TiBook3.
> Also I should precise that the laptop successfully goes to sleep and
> wake up in all cases.
> The problem is that pmud does NOT call /etc/power/pwrctl when the
> sleep/wakeup cycle is triggered by closing the lid.
> I am sure of this missing call of /etc/power/pwrctl because:
> 1. Missing log lines in /var/log/daemon.log
> 2. Missing call of /etc/power/pwrctl-local (that how I noticed the
> problem).
> Can a TiBook owner, please, try to verify that problem by comparing the
> log in /etc/power/pwrctl by going to sleep via apm or via closing the
> lid.
> Thanks,
> Christophe

Christophe Barbé <christophe.barbe@ufies.org>
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