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Re: Superdrive firmware update

On Aug Sat 30 2003 10:53, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> OoO En cette fin de nuit blanche du samedi 30 août 2003, vers 06:55,
> "J. Javier Maestro" <jjmaestro@computer.org> disait:
> > BTW, anyone knows any flash updater for Linux? Or knows how to make one?
> > Because, I emailed cynical and the guy answer me extremely fast with a
> > nice solution (BootXCD, a nice free soft that makes a bootable image of
> > your MacOSX, so if the image works, you can keep it in a CD/DVD and boot
> > from it to update firmwares released by Apple while keeping you laptop
> > linux-only! :-), but I would still love to have a "reboot-free" laptop
> > ;-)
> Well, this "BootXCD" is a great solution for us not having Mac OS X
> any more on the hard drive. I wanted to update my Airport card and
> found no solution (well, in fact, a Mac OS X DVD updates it even
> without installing it). I have googled but have not found anything
> about it. Where can I find this software (for Linux ? for Mac OS X ?).

You can find it in htpp://www.macupdate.com, search for bootcd and you
will find this ;-)


or the direct download:


> Is it for Linux or Mac OS X ?

It is for Mac OSX. It basically makes a bootable ISO out of the Mac OSX
intallation that you already have ("a la Norton Image-whatever" ;-). So,
when you burn that image (you can add the tools you want to the basic
Finder and console), you try to boot and if it works, you can get rid of
that Mac partition and give it a good use ;-)

Now, on the flasher issue... any good SCSI hacker around the list?
because I found a nice tool called rpcmgr11.c that allows you to do nice
thingies to LG DVD drives, and I think it could be converted to a
flasher tool for linux users to be able to flash firmware updates to the
DVD... now, I really have no clue on SCSI, MMC-2, or any of the like, so
a big help would be great to be able to start living a Linux only life
:-) and be able to wait happily for the RPC-1 firmware patch without
MacOSX lying around my hard drive...

Any ideas? I am already trying to diassemble the latest firmware
available for the Matsushita, the one I mentioned in the first email of
the thread. If I manage to get the .hex file right, I will post it so
any nice wonderfull hacker can try and patch it right :-D


J. Javier Maestro

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