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Re: New TiBook Install Problems

On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 04:25:33PM -0400, Mark T. Valites wrote:
> Nearly two years ago now, I'd installed debian-ppc on a first generation
> tibook & ran that happily until this past winter, when I accidently
> dropped it and snapped the hinges holding the screen to the base. It still
> worked, but just had to be held up by a wall. But that's another story...
> The deparment here must have felt some pity on me, for that was also the
> day I tore my LCL & ACL in my left knee. Eventually, they picked up a new
> gigahertz tibook for me & that is what I have now.
> I've really tried to give OS X a fair chance, but I just can't take it any
> more.  I have OpenBSD on the machine, but it's just not the same as good
> ole' debian. So I went to use one of the mini net install isos today to
> load debian onto it, but I haven't gotten very far.
> On boot off the cd, I get the following error message before the "Welcome
> to yaboot" line:
> cd:2,/install/powermac/boot.msg: Unknown or corrupt filesystem
> If I boot with the install24 or install24-safe kernels, I get the same
> error and then return to the boot prompt.
> If I boot with the install kernel, it starts to take, flashes a mostly
> white screen & then dies.
> If I boot with "install video=ofonly", it starts to take, and stops on a
> mostly white screen with the following text:
> ... ok
> opening display /pci@f0000000/ATY,Xia_B... ok
> copying OF device tree... done
> Calling quiesece...
> booting...
> _
> I haven't seen anything in the archives about openbsd munging up my
> filesystem, but I suspect this is the cause. I don't have my openbsd cds
> with me at the moment, so I can't think of a way to dump my parition table
> to include in the message.
> I'd like to not have to wipe the hd & be able to keep openbsd. Is there
> any hope? (Please cc me on reply as I am not currently a list member)

This sounds like the yaboot-is-too-old-for-new-macs problem. The
online manual, section 5.2, has a note about this issue, and a link to
get the newest yaboot from penguinppc.org. You can either reburn your
CD with the newer version, or boot from the hard disk as described in
the manual, using the newer version. You will also need to be sure you
copy the new version into the freshly installed base system before
running the Make Bootable from Hard Disk item.

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