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Re: old powermac things...

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Jonathan Segel wrote:

> hi, i am running debian on a powermac 8500 150mhz, very oldworld...
> i tried to install the 2.4.21-ben2 kernel for old world scsi, but the
> keyboard map is completely estranged from the keys so that i couldn't
> log in or even find the right letters... can i fix this somehow?
> it's difficult to install new kernels because of bootx, i need a
> separate copy in the linux kernels folder in the mac partition!
> forgot about that the first time...

It's not a huge problem, but there are some quirks.  I remember when I
transitioned from LinuxPPC to Debian, it was just a matter of finding
the ramdisk with the installer and a bootable kernel image.  Also, it
sounds like you ran into the switch from ADB keycodes to linux keycodes
(your problem with finding the right letters).

Take a look at:


for the keycode issue.

But as you pointed out, except for kernel installation - running 3.0 has
been VERY easy and trouble free.  I just do manual kernel upgrades, so
that issue hasn't been a problem.



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