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Re: new Apple symbols map (exposes kernel buglets?)

On Sat, 23 Aug 2003 20:29:11 +0200
Frank Murphy <murphyf+deb-ppc@f-m.fm> wrote:

> On Saturday 23 August 2003 8:08, Simon Vallet wrote:
> > what I got here is :
> >
> >  key <AE01>  {type="THREE_LEVEL",  [  ampersand,  1,  EuroSign  ] };
> > (BTW, X doesn't seem very happy with the 'EuroSign' : what is the correct
> > alias ?) (and this last mapping is arbitrary : I don't have a third symbol
> > engraved on AE keys)
> EuroSign is right. You probably aren't using a font that does ISO8859-15.

Actually (just checked), it works in the Unicode version of xterm (the normal xterm has only ISO-8859-1).

> Where did you get this keymap? I don't see anything like it in the Debian 
> files. But I think the problem is with the type="THREE_LEVEL" stuff. I don't 
> think your keymap is done properly.

did it myself ;-)
the default french keymap IS actually very bad, maybe it's better in 4.3...
the type = "" stuff is only necessary because of the default type of the keys, not because this is an ugly fix (which it may be :)

> Looking at the keymaps that use ISO_Level3_Shift, I think you've got a bad 
> keymap which has confused you. Of course, it works, but it's done in the 
> opposite way of other keymaps.

I'll keep it like this... iit was the only way for me to get a third shift level working properly in emacs, without interaction with the Meta key. But I won't preach for others ;-)

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