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Re: PBG4 12" sometimes disk problems during boot


On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 12:20, Pander wrote:
> Since a few days my PBG4 12" will not always boot completely. Somewhere 
> at the end of the boot sequence, just after it is loading some sound 
> stuff it says (something like):
> .
> hda: lost interupt,
> hda: lost interupt, lost dma status: 8080
> And then it hangs... Then I try again and all goes fine. Does this mean 
> my harddisk is not stable anymore

My iBook did this a few months ago and I nabbed the data after a
successful boot and then changed the hard drive (which was crazy hard to
me who is used to working on PC laptops; I had three screws left over of
about 30 removed when done :).  No problems since then. 

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