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Re: Problem with endeavour2

On Aug Wed 20 2003 11:12, pan@gtf.org wrote:
> I was trying different file manager/image browsers when I came across
> endeavour2, that combines both in a very nice way.
> Everything works great except, when I use the image browser, the previews
> on the left column appear fine, but when I select the image, the full
> size image shows up as a semi-negative or 'solarized' version of it...
> (if you don't know what solarize is, check the gimp, it has a plugin to
> do that ;))

I dunno if it might help, but the other day, I updated my system, and
suddenly, my WindowMaker started looking SERIOUSLY weird... with the
icon and background colors. I just didn't know what was wring till I
remembered that 2 years ago or so, an acroread was dying in my homepc
and it used to run smoothly... I remembered why was so (because of the
24bit depth) and I tried that in my laptop. Asked for 16bit default in
my XFConfig-4 and WindowMaker was back to normal.
So check if this is your case too... who knows? :-)

J. Javier Maestro

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