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Re: 22" apple flatpanel

In message <20030813043623.GA21863@skabber.com>,
Jay Graves <jay@skabber.com> wrote:
> I just was looking at the same thing (but I don't have a
> display.....yet) and I cam accross this.  I have no experience with this
> but it looks good.
> http://www.dviator.com/en/DVIator.html

The DVIator works as advertised.  I am even using one to drive an
Apple TFT display from a PC.

One drawback is that there does not seem to be any recognition that
the power or brightness buttons are pressed; Linux does see the
monitor as an HID device, and the buttons flash when you touch them,
but HID events are not generated.

Apart from that, it works great.

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