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Re: swiss german keyboard config needed

> > Don't you think it would be the best to produce the same characters with
> > the same key combinations as in OS X by default (eg. for swiss keyboards
> > that ALT-G = @, ALT-8 = {, ALT-6 = ],...) ?
> What about apps which use these combos for something else? I agree that
> <something>-G should yield @, etc. by default, but I'm not sure that
> something can be alt

Ah, right. Because Mac OS only uses the Alt key to generate 'odd' characters, 
but we use it for more. It sucks that Apple wired the iBooks so that the 
Alt_R key is a pain to get to. The Enter key on my iBook is in a good place 
(between the spacebar and right alt key)...

Should we just leave it as fn+alt, document it somewhere, and wait for the 
users to come up with a consensus?


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