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OSX upgrade kills Linux

I have my Debian ppc system dual booting with OSX.  Last night I
installed the Panther beta.  I expected it to write over my boot
partition, and of course after the install it booted right into OSX
instead of giving me yaboot.

No fear I say, as I hold the key combo to get me into open firmware.
From there I boot: hd:9,yaboot and I am at my familiar yaboot prompt
with Linux and Linux.old as my options.  I type Linux and I can see my
2.4.21-ben2-04 kernel start to boot.  But as soon as it tries to boot
the machine just turns off!

The last messages I could see on the screen were kernel messages about
APIC and I think the last one was "APIC: exit"

Any ideas on how I can get my Linux parition back?

Jay Graves 

          `=( '

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