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Re: Keyboard on X with missing keys

On 27 Jul 2003, Michel Dänzer wrote:

> On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 05:06, Thomas Otto wrote:
> > > I'm missing the bar sign, the @ sign (I had to paste this one from the address
> > > in the header), bracketleft, bracketright, EuroSign and I don't know what
> > > else on the keyboard on X.
> >
> > Same here, on an iBook2 700Mhz. I ended up writing my own ~/.Xmodmap
> > which i load when I login.
> It seems everybody does that, instead of fixing the X keymaps... I'm no
> better myself. :)
> > > But I'm careful with this as I did not find a way to check a newly installed
> > > boottime.gz on the *running* system, i.e. before rebooting. After all with the
> > > wrong keymap I won't be able to even log in, if my guess is right.
> >
> > Indeed, and unlike a broken kernelmodule booting another kernel doesn't
> > help it.
> You can always boot with something like init=/bin/sh and work with the
> default kernel keymap though.

It's no problem to insert my Debian Install CD #1 and start a rescue mount of
the previously installed system.
My problem is that I definitely would not be able to load the previous keymap
simply because I don't know where my current, though crippled keymap for X is
installed, and where it was copied from to its current place, or whether it was
copied from somewhere at all, or whether it is simply part of the kernel.

I don't even know whether the console and X use 2 different keymaps in 2
different places, or whether a single, common one is used.

And this, and only this, is why I still don't see how I could find a working
keyboard through trial and error proceedings (provided that this is what you
were ready to accept with your suggestion in "init=/bin/sh and work with the
default kernel keymap"). I still think this is extremely dangerous for login
purposes *as long as I do not know how to repair it* if I messed up the keyboard
party ...

As I said before: Docs, good docs ... :)


Thanks, Michel Dänzer, for your work on X. It's the first time that I really
like the Desktop on the Powerbook here. I'm extremley to have back a nice
virtual Desktop here that I never managed to run on Mac OS X.

Best Regards

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