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Re: iBook2 cdrom

Thanks to Timothy Brown for solving the problem for me. 

crt> 1) From dmesg
crt> hda: TOSHIBA MK3017GAS, ATA DISK drive
crt> hdb: TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R2102, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive

tb>Ok, so /dev/hdb is the CD drive. Funny that it's on the same bus.
tb>*shrug* I've got a tibook.

tb>Try `eject /dev/hdb` Lets see what that gives. As you should be
tb>able to function perfectly without the SCSI emu. All that does
tb>is provide the generic interface for burning CD's.

That worked fine, and I replaced the existing /dev/cdrom symlink with one
to /dev/hdb and things worked well from there.

To play audio CD's I already had xmms-cdread installed, which is
necessary. It seemed to need me to hit the Configure button again.


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